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hey, i'm new. i'm amber - 19/f from PA, but i go to school in NJ.
i read violet & claire over winter break last year. i also read Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty (which i love so much i created an lj community for it - sloppyfirsts) and Brave New Girl (i borrowed it from a friend, so i cant remember the author, but i know its an Mtv book). i absolutely loved Violet & Claire too, but i didn't have to make a community for that one, since there's this one and i've seen a francesca lia block community around here somewhere too.. though i havent joined because i've only read this one book (so far).

anyways, i identified wholly with each character, but i'm more like claire.

"You're two halves of a whole," Esmerelda said. "I knew it the first time I saw you."
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